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Dining with monks
temporary exhibition
2015-12-10 - 2016-06-26


What have monks got to do with gastronomy? More than we would think. They dine by strict rules so healthily that it can be envied by a fittness-idol as well, however their rules do not only serve the body’s health but the spirit and soul. They manufacture wine, beer and healthy liqueur, and in their gardens they grow vegetables and fruits alongside with different herbs and spices. Their tables are filled with festive delicacies or – more often – simple dishes of their fast.

Traditions across the centuries
The past and present of the Dr. Oetker Company
2015-12-01 - 2016-02-28

temporary exhibition

The Dr. Oetker Company is most likely known by many. We often encounter the typical brand logo on the packaging of Dr. Oetker products. Their recipes already contain some of your favourites. But do you know that behind the name, there is a family business established 120 years ago, which has its roots in Bielefeld, Germany? And that this company is one of the first companies producing a branded product?

Hungarian Jazz History in Pictures
temporary exhibition
2015-11-12 - 2016-05-01


Developments of Hungarian jazz happened roughly at the same time when those of Europe and America unfolded. The exhibition shows Hungarian jazz events from the starting point in 1850 to 2015 with the help of of original documents (cover pages of scores, photos, paintings, posters, leaflets, covers of gramophone, LP and CD recordings).

Time stands still
A selection from Péter Krauss’s clock collection
2015-10-01 - 2015-11-29

temporary exhibition

The pre-digital age clocks were mainly mechanic in our homes. Their designs reflect the stylish  clearout ArtDeco and the  very functional SocDeco motifs. The time is out for these clocks, time has stopped for them, butit is worth to keep them in our homes (or collections) as an outstanding and unforgettable pieces of Hungarian craftwork and art history.

Playing is our life
A selection from Mariann Karlócai’s toy collection
2015-07-03 - 2015-11-22

temporary exhibition

The exhibition is a tribute to kindergarten teacher and toy collector Mariann Karlócai, who is 90 years old this year. We also commemorate Áron Kiss – teacher and eponymous of the Hungarian Game Association, because this year is the 170th anniversary of his birth. The exhibition presents the finest and most unique pieces of Mariann Karlócai’s collection.

From Meseautó (Dream Car) To Merkur
The history of Hungarian vehicle trade
2015-06-04 - 2015-09-27

temporary exhibition

Joint exhibition of the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism, the website of and the Motorist Greatcoalition. Our new temporary exhibition is about the past of Hungarian car and motorcycle trade between 1900 and 1989. Visitors can find out about the pioneering stores in the first years of the 20th century as well as about vehicle business at the change of the regime in 1989.

Looking back to the advertisement world of the 70’s
Exhibition by Xénia Solymosi graphic artist
2015-03-19 - 2015-05-10

temporary exhibition

Xénia Solymosi’s graphics have been influencing our every-day life. Almost everyone knows characters drawn by her (even if one is not aware of it). Her work decorates our objects, books, magazines and appear as logos of famous companies. Her graphic characters became legends.

’Frozen goods with a warm heart!’
70 years of MIRELITE
2015-03-12 - 2015-05-10

temporary exhibition

A joint exhibition by MIRELITE MIRSA Zrt. and the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism.

The brand MIRELITE appeared in Hungary 70 years ago. Nowadays only few people know the origin of its name. It was abbreviated from the name of its manufacturer (Mezőgazdasági Ipar Rt.) and the word ’ELITE’. The technology of deep-freezing food is an invention of the 20th century. Hungary was among the first to introduce new technologies and new types of quality food into the food and frozen goods industry. Thanks to this, the brand MIRELITE was born in 1945. It branded ’ELITE’ products at first but later they became popular, wide-spread products.

All Insured
Hungarian insurance posters (1900-1990)
2015-02-18 - 2015-06-07


temporary exhibition

All Insured – Hungarian insurance posters (1900-1990) is the title of our temporary exhibition that displays insurance related posters by famous artists emphasizing the characteristics of each artist and their period. It presents pieces not only from the collection of our museum but also from the collections of eminent institutions and private collectors in order to give an overall picture about the 100 years of insurance history, side by side the history of poster design and the historical events in Hungary.

Goulash cannon and tin helmet
The First World War from a digestive view
2014-12-02 - 2015-06-21


temporary exhibition

The exhibition presents the decisive moments of rationing of the Austro-Hungarian army and the Hungarian population during the First World War through hinterland and battlefield sites.

The role of malls in our everyday life
2014-11-06 - 2015-02-22

temporary exhibition

It has been 20 years since malls entered our lives and have beentransforming our purchasing habits. We go to malls not only for shopping but eating and drinking, watching movies, chatting and hanging out. Malls offer experiences. Our exhibition presents the story and life of Hungarian malls by aligning some typical accessories and scenery of plazas. It explores and contemplates our mall-visiting habits, depicts fast food restaurants, brings out young people’s opinion, raises questions – but it allows visitors to answer these questions for themselves.

Useful design
temporary exhibition
2014-10-09 - 2014-11-09

Back in time, purpose of use determined and overwrote everything, including the external attributes of objects. The selection presents material from a museum that has collected mostly useful and practical objects due to its “industrial history” orientation.

Backlight – A selection from Ferenc Bágya’s nature photos
temporary exhibition
2014-09-17 - 2014-10-26

Ferenc Bágya’s nature photos present the turning of the seasons and life cycles as well as eternal faith and trust. Plants, animals and men embracing each other in the landscape and God show such ethereal and still material sacramentality which touches and makes even the unbelievers contemplate.

Up with the "anchor"!
The history of „Anker” stone building blocks
2014-09-04 - 2014-10-26

temporary exhibition

”Anker” stone building blocks by Richter appeared as the highest quality element of the contemporary toy market at the end of the 19th century. Its commercial release also presented all the marketing tools in business when it first entered German and later European markets.

Csárdás, polka, zepperli
travelling exhibition in Kaposvár
2014-08-14 - 2014-11-01

Musical entertainment and hospitality and the music trade in the 19th century

We present the noted 19th century Hungarian instrument-makers, music merchants and the era's typical music boxes, which visitors can even listen to. In addition, we provide an insight into balls and concerts, the famous programs of the coffeehouses, hotels and restaurants of the period, and of the methods of entertainment, the music and dance steps of the century, the sensations and unique attractions of the contemporary hotel and catering trade.

The eternal joyful Eric
temporary exhibition
2014-05-07 - 2014-08-24


The exhibition presents the collection of wood panel paintings from Vidámpark, painted by the ageless and eternal joyful Eric Vogel.

GRAPHIC WORLDVIEW – Travelogue by Géza Dámosy
temporary exhibition
2014-04-11 - 2014-07-20


Géza Dámosy is an architect, graphic artist and world traveller, who was also the leader of the Reflector pantomime group for ten years in Bonn. He takes journeys around the world annually meanwhile he writes and draws his experiences. This selection of his work presents restaurants, churches and people as well offering us to place them into our world.

Beauty and advertisements
Female ideals at the beginnig of the 20th century
2014-03-20 - 2014-11-16

temporary exhibition


The exhibition showing five decades of the history of fashion and advertising presents the roles of women in advertising using rarely seen items from the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism.
'Beauty and advertisements' covers changing fashions from 1900 to 1940, also providing the chance to follow changes in female fashion ideal and fashion in the twentieth century.

Once There Was A Fun-fair / Hungarian Historical Wine Barrels
temporary exhibitions
2014-03-06 - 2014-04-06

In March 2014, the Photography Department of the National Association of Hungarian Artists (MAOE) presents two exhibitions at the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism. 

One of the topics is the eventually closed amusement park of Budapest. The title of the exhibition is 'Once there was a Fun-fair...'. Famous photographers captured the last months of the popular entertainment place. The exhibition shows us the old requisites and the toys and equipments of modern times as well. 

At the 'Historical Hungarian Wine Barrels' display we can see barrels with many kinds of different decoration besides the traditional Hungarian historical carvings.

“Beautiful Pub Silence”
temporary exhibition
2013-11-09 - 2014-03-02

– Memories of the Tabán torn down 80 years ago –

The oldest district on the right bank in Budapest survived sieges and plagues - yet the final blow was yielded due to the senseless greed of “urban development.” Between 1933 and 1936, 400 houses were torn down for a spa district that never came to be.

temporary exhibition
2013-10-03 - 2014-01-12


MKVM (Hungarian Museum of Trade and Toursim) has for years participated in Budapest Design Week with its Soc Deco exhibition series that calls the attention to the object culture of the '60s, '70s, and '80s. This year GLASS is in the focus, and following on the traditions, not only the illustrious pieces of high art, but also objects reflecting kitschy provincialism are displayed in the exhibition.

temporary exhibition
2013-09-23 - 2013-11-01

The collaboration of the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism and the Foundation for Museums and Visitors under the CETAID Project

Our everyday life's duty is to get, to buy, to sale, to shop, to deal with new, second-hand or online products.

In path of Vambery - Photo diary by Tamas Paczai
temporary exhibition
2013-09-19 - 2013-10-27

Armin Vambery was one of the biggest explorers and orientalists of the 19th century who examined the origin of the Hungarians in the khanates of Central Asia.

Cake servers
temporary exhibition
2013-08-01 - 2013-09-15

A cake server is an everyday piece of cutlery but it is styled by the fashion of the period just like any other antiques. First cake servers were most likely introduced when cakes were delivered home. In the Monarchy this is connected to the Sacher-cake first created in 1832.

temporary exhibition
2013-06-26 - 2013-07-28

Art exhibition in Krúdy Courtyard.

’Pajtás’ and its friends
temporary exhibition
2013-04-17 - 2013-09-15

This temporary exhibition titled ’Pajtás’ and its friends is about the Hungarian design, manufacturing, sale and use of cameras between 1950 and 1966, which is known as an industrial era in camera history.

Buildings of Insurance Companies in Budapest
temporary exhibition
2013-04-11 - 2013-06-23

This exhibition presents the decorated palaces built by insurance companies which were renowned in their time; many of these buildings are still jewels of Budapest.

Fulfilled and unfulfilled dreams
temporary exhibition
2013-03-01 - 2013-09-15

Selection of draft advertising posters by István Erdély, Tibor Gönczi Gebhardt, Jenő Haranghy, János Repcze, István Rottler and  Márton Tuszkay

May I sprinkle you?
temporary exhibition
2013-02-19 - 2013-04-07

Holidays and festivities have always had a special importance in trade and gastronomy. In this chamber exhibition we present some typical goods that sweetened and coloured Easter days or attracted customers’ attention in shopwindows of the past.

'Here comes the carnival, the party intensifies'
chamber exhibition
2013-01-08 - 2013-02-17

This carnival period we create a colourful ballroom atmosphere in the museum with this chamber exhibition. The objects on display evoke the wonder of balls from the past. You can learn about the real French champagne, the mysterious world of musical theatres (so-called ’orpheums’) and bars.

Sweet dynasty - the History of the August Patisserie
temporary exhibition
2012-12-02 - 2013-03-03

Elemér Auguszt, the representative of the third generation of the famous pastry-cooks' dynasty, would be 100 years old this year. This is a good opportunity to introduce the history of this family, which have sweetened our days since 1870, and have given us an example of diligence, trustworthiness and persistency.

Soc(ialist) Deco - Textile
temporary exhibition
2012-10-03 - 2013-02-03

How did we dress ourselves and our homes in the years when fashion was more slow-paced, liveable and - we dare to say - more acceptable or even loveable? The 'otthonka' (housecoat) is more or less the same still, or a bit less acrylic. The 'suba'-carpet (hand-knotted carpet with the yarn left long) nowadays can be found on the floor in 'minimal art'-style rather than on the wall.

Barrique Art: the cask as artwork
travelling exhibition
2012-08-09 - 2012-09-13

The travelling exhibition is a part of the ’The spirit of a city: Temesvár’ program of the Romanian Cultural Institute (RCI).

'Come to the fair...' - Fairs, markets, concourse
temporary exhibition
2012-07-13 - 2013-03-17

Do you still go to the market? Would you like to experience a real, crowded market? Are you curious where our forefathers sold and bought their goods?

The 'woechaser'
temporary exhibition
2012-04-27 - 2012-08-05

Jenő Haranghy's art in the hospitality.

Retro Chocolate
temporary exhibition
2012-02-14 - 2012-10-14

Every generation of Hungarian children knows Tibi chocolate, in the shops wince 1941, and Cat's Tongue, a real Hungaricum, not to mention the classic cherry bon-bons, the crunchy Balaton bar and many others loved by every generation in various forms.

Csárdás, polka, zepperli
temporary exhibition
2011-12-06 - 2012-09-16


Musical entertainment and hospitality and the music trade in the 19th century

We present the noted 19th century Hungarian instrument-makers, music merchants and the era's typical music boxes, which visitors can even listen to.

Zórád 100
temporary exhibition
2011-12-06 - 2012-06-16


Ernő Zórád life-work exhibition

Works of art by him have been shown so many times, however, this time, on the 100th anniversary of his birth, we would like to review all his life and work. He worked for the press for sixty years, did thousands of caricatures, aquarelles, illustrations to comics and books, even did slides. We show some of these to You.

Sweet Christmas
temporary exhibition
2011-12-06 - 2012-02-05

Chamber exhibition from the christmas pastry cutters

Permanent exhibitions
2011-12-06 - 2018-12-31

After nearly ten years, opening our new permanent exhibitions completed the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism again.

Design Week 2011
2011-10-05 - 2011-11-06

The next program of the socio-deko exhibition series organised for this year's Budapest Design Week introduces visitors into the world of the metal-based object culture of the 1960's, 70's and 80's.

Dream of a child

2011-04-14 - 2011-05-09

Abd A. Masoud’s series consists 16 paintings which narrates the dream of a child, the wish in a child's heart. The child may live here, there or anywhere. The child wishes to be educated, to be independent, to find a job and have a family. It longs to be free - free to say no: no to drugs, war, violence, no to all things from the evil.

Manyi Kiss 100

2011-02-16 - 2011-04-04

This year the fabulous actress would be 100 years old. The Kultea Theatre and the Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute remember of her with this exhibition.

Japan: Kingdom of Characters

2011-01-14 - 2011-02-14

Last years the two elements of Japanese subculture, the manga and the anime have become very popular all over the world. The pourpose of this exhibition to show the world of the Japenese comics and animations. These characters are there of the japanese children and adult’s life. They are shown on the season tickets, the phones, the covers and the mascots.

Tóth József ’Füles’ - Legendary models
Exhibition of the poster-calendars from the 1970-80’s
2010-12-30 - 2011-02-28

In the 1970-80’s the most popular year-end offerings of the Hungarian trading life were the card- and poster-calendars. Every trading company had the calendars made, especially nice women on them. We have composed József Tóth’s poster-calendars with legendary models from that time.

Crumb-brushes and crumbshovels

2010-12-09 - 2011-01-31

How did our ancestry clean the table after a meal? How did they collect the crumb? With tawdry brushes and shovles. Can’t you imagine it? Come and see the pieces of Hajnal Tordai’s collection.

The 125 year old rock-cake!
2010-12-01 - 2011-03-07

József C. Dobos produced his newest creation, the rock-cake in 1885 on the Budapest General Exhibition. The speciality of the cake was the buttery cream. Some intresting objects and documents of his legacy are shown in this exhibition.

Within the Design Week Budapest
2010-10-11 - 2010-11-29

The ’MINTA’ Foundation - as a professional workshop – sponsors and organizes the creation of home designers’ projects. The participants show in the different stratas of their artwork with this exhibition. Variety and space are in focus.

The 40 year old Commercial Collection

2010-10-08 - 2010-11-29

The museum celebrate this occasion with an exhibition case opposite the reception. You can get to know the recently opened up story of ’To the Black Dog’ herb and drugstore. Also you can see here the famous signs of the shop.

Tournures and hooped petticoats
19th century fashion plates (from 1840 to 1890)
2010-09-24 - 2011-05-16

You can see a spelling from the most beautiful pieces of the fashion-plate collection of HMTT. You can follow up the change of fashion throughout 60 years. You can learn when were the hooped petticoats and tournures worn by ladies. 19th century costumes, hats, fans and other typical accessories make full this unique exhibition.

Lívia Gorka

2010-06-18 - 2010-09-13

"The art of clay is truly a divine one. Those who practise it must abide by its laws, but not by every letter of them." (Lívia Gorka)

Exhibition of charter members of Hungarian Decorassociation
2010-06-03 - 2010-08-30

The works, what you can see here present the priority of vision as setpoint – not as advertisement or earnings.

2010-04-30 - 2010-05-30

Pictures from the Arab World – Through a Woman’s Eyes 

Photographer: Zsuzsanna Rózsa

The ’black soup’ – the history of coffee-making
Common, periodic exhibition of the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Turism and the Hungarian Museum of Science and Technology.
2010-04-23 - 2010-11-21

We make it, we drink it, that’s all? But how did get the beans of coffee shrub to the pot? And what kind of that? What is the ’Turkish coffee’ made in? What kinds of flasks did the French chemists experiment with? What does happen exactly inside of the clucking or the espresso machine? How did work a machine-maker and repairman in the ’self-employded’ world in Pest? And where are we today? If you are interested in these and many other curiosities, we are waiting for you with more hundred coffee makers, aromas, tastings, shows and love.

BSF 30 – Piroska Jávor 66
Jubilees – turning points
2010-03-20 - 2010-04-12

You can see the best works of Piroska Jávor paintress. Her paintings has been since 1980 same as the Budapest Spring Festival. This time we are enchanted by the delight of varicoloured spring not only in the nature but in the museum, too – thanks to the most talented creator of the contemporary Hungarian fine arts.

Romanian Jazz Posters

2010-02-27 - 2010-03-17

Modern, Romanian and Jazz. These words describes the poster-exhibition from Mr. Alexandru Sipa’s collection. We celebrate with it the 1st birthday of Jazz-engine series.

’Artists’ Presents’
IX. Contemporary Art Advent Calendar
2009-12-04 - 2010-01-10

From 1st of December to 24th, every day advent windows will be opened on the front of the Gerbeaud House to show blow ups of contemporary artists’ works. During this period you can see an exhibition from the original works of the 9th Advent Calendar in our museum.

’To the little fairy’
The toy-trade history in Budapest
2009-11-20 - 2010-06-07

The new temporary exhibition shows in the toy-trade history in Budapest from the end of the 19th century to 1989. The most famous old shopkeepers reappear here with their shops and goods. The offer of the socialist big enterprises and stores respectively the retails remind us of the post-war era. We evoke the toy-exhibitions and fairs from the 1960s-70s. Besides the old objects, the hoar topicalities vouch to toys forgotten by the kids, too. The little visitors can take modern toys in hand, however the adults can call back their childhood by indoor games. Because playing is nice, playing is good!

We are opening… Posters in the socialism
In partnership with Budapest Design Week 2009
2009-10-10 - 2010-04-05

Our museum is showing the posters from 1945 to 1989 as continuation the ’The picture book of the street’ exhibition.

The juice of lemon - Lemon squeezers
In partnership with Budapest Design Week Budapest 2009
2009-10-07 - 2009-11-23
After the Röhsska Museum  in Göteborg now the HMTT is exhibiting the Swedish Anders Alvarsson’s collection of lemon squeezers. You can see the most gripping pieces from the repertory.
Exhibition of HMC’s International Artists’ Colony

2009-08-05 - 2009-09-28
The mission of the HMC is to support artists and strengthen the arts in their vital role in the lives of people and communities. The HMC’s three-fold purpose is to promote excellence in the creation and presentation of the arts, support high quality arts education, and provide opportunities for artists. The artists who come to the AIR-HMC residency bring their own world and form of expression and can enter into dialogue with the others, thus gaining a new perspective of their own art too. Such encounters provide opportunities for renewal or confirmation of beliefs and practice.
Shop windows – in the year

2009-05-07 - 2009-07-29
Tableaus of postcards, bill-headings, period photos and catalogues are recalling  the weekdays of Hungarian trade from the middle of the nineteenth century to 1945. The visitors can be sharing in the feeling of bygone shops and admire the goods of shop windows  which are no more!
15 Years of an International Artists’ Colony Csuta Artists’ Colony Csuta Artists’ Colony Békés – in Budapest
Budapest Spring Festival 2009
2009-03-21 - 2009-04-15
In a remote corner of Hungary an internationally known and recognised creative camp has been operating for around fifteen years. For two weeks every summer the artists create simultaneously, for all to see, inspired by each other, together or separately but certainly observing each other and absorbing the influences. They are inspired by the Hungarian landscape and the atmosphere of the artists’ camp, they are open to the art of others and offer their own for reception. So far 130 artists from 20 countries have met here, and on each occasion have created works resulting from the unique occasion and mutual influence. They take the mutual inspiration away with themselves as a gift, enriched in spirit, forms of expression and themes, incorporating what they have experienced into their own art.
Photo exhibition of Rima Maroun
2009-03-02 - 2009-03-20
Culture and artistic beauty from the Mediterrenean, shown through amazing photos of the young, EUROMED awarded artist from Lebanon.
Taking by storm
Advertisements in the Great War (1914-1918)
2009-02-27 - 2009-09-28
Organised jointly with the Museum of Military History, the exhibition conjures up everyday life in time of war. Announcing goods, inviting to coffee houses and cabarets, advertising military fairs, promoting charity and war loans, the wonderfully colourful posters by the outstanding graphic artists of the age (Dezső Bér, Mihály Bíró, Sándor Bortnyik, Imre Földes, etc.) are a real delicacies. The show features some absurd-sounding newspaper advertisements, confirming the visitors’ suspicion that publicity will publicity, even amid the most tragic events in time of war.
A piece of history
2009-02-13 - 2009-10-26
Franz Sacher created a cake that is exported nowadays to almost all countries of the world by airplane. The Hotel Sacher is a national institute in Austria, and not only for culinary and hotelry reasons. We will tell you the stories of these in our exhibition.
Catering on the Hungarian railways

2008-12-17 - 2010-12-31

Though one of the biggest and most famous Hungarian railway-catering company has rearranged throughout the years, it still exists and celebrates its 60th birthday. Honestly, how could we forget those blue logos on the railway stations of Lake Balaton or the rattling sound of the vendor’s cart’s wheels? We also save the memory of the sight of the sandwiches, wrapped in cellophane, the chocolates and the warm, lemon flavored sodas for sure. On the other hand, we do remember the nice dining cars, set up with Herendi porcelain plates, the well-dressed conductors in the sleeping-cars, hydrofoil and Formula-1, New Year’s Eve and weddings, foie gras and champagne….As our honored guest would you like a bite from our Hungarian bittersweet youth? 

„Presents of the Artists”
Temporary exhibition
2008-12-03 - 2008-12-31
From the 1st of December till the 24th at 5 PM, advent windows will be opened on the front of the Gerbeaud House to show blow ups of contemporary artists’ works, completely different every day. During this period you can see an exhibition from the original works of the 8th Advent Calendar in the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism ( address:1051 Szent István square 15. Budapest, Hungary) The exhibition will be shown for the second time, after its huge success in the previous year. The visitors can vote for the works they liked the best and their award might be small size prints of their favourite ones. Sweepstake and results in January 2009. More information on the events:
Travel around the public baths in Europe
2008-11-22 - 2009-01-25
It is a combination of two famous exhibitions that shows mock-ups of 26 bath buildings. Public baths, a laundry boat, a swimming bath and other special baths can be seen in the most collected and entertaining exhibition. The medicinal baths of Austro-Hungary are visualized on postcards, special cups and glasses and visitors can examine bath culture through interesting documents as well.
On shiny black discs... 100 years of Hungarian record manufa
Temporary exhibition
2008-09-19 - 2009-02-08
In 1908 the counties of Hungary consented to the registration of the First Hungarian Record Factory. The exhibition takes the viewer on a walk on the Hungarian record production scene from 1908 to our days, from the best of the golden age of Hungarian jazz, the masters of entertainment and classical music, the Communist march songs from the Fifties to postcard records, the platinum and gold records of Hungarian stars, record players and posters. Much great music can be heard on earphones, and the drumming dog of the museum, too, will make an appearance to greet the visitors.
Unicum illustrations by David Cserkuti and Tamas Gaspar
Temporary exhibition
2008-05-28 - 2008-09-23
These illustrations by David Cserkuti and Tamas Gaspar are created for he most popular Hungarian bitter liquor as an ad campaign for younger generation. Animations, posters and package designs are on display.
The food of the Renaissance - The renaissance of food
In the framework of the Renaissance-2008 program series
2008-03-20 - 2008-09-30
Recalling the feasts of European royalty, our exhibition aims to introduce the rebirth of gastronomic culture. Among other things, visitors will find out what Maria Medici took with her to the royal court of France, and Galeotto gives a credible account of King Matthias and Queen Beatrix’ wedding. Offering an interactive overview of contemporary medieval cuisine that enables visitors to become part of “Renaissance life”, the banquet table leads us up to the present day: colourful displays show us images and original objects from modern historical preservation events held each year, the true gastronomic festivals of today.
"Cultural Encounters = art + hotels"
”Encounter with the Art of Catering” – an exhibition by István Kulinyi
2008-03-17 - 2008-05-10
Winner of the prestigious Munkácsy Award, graphic artist, designer and painter István Kulinyi (1945, Innsbruck, Austria) is an emblematic figure of his generation. The exhibit entitled Encounter with the Art of Catering allows the public to glimpse a rarely viewed slice of Kulinyi’s work with a range of artworks selected for display at major international hotels.
A Patron of Art
Frigyes Glück – hotel owner, town councillor, art collector,
2008-01-11 - 2008-03-30
A man of great versatility, Frigyes Glück was not only a leading representative of the Hungarian hotel and catering industry, active town councillor, well-known collector of art and generous patron, but also an outstanding tourist and the only catering industry magnate to have a street named after him in Budapest. Commemorating the 150th anniversary of Glück’s birth, this exhibition aims to present his wide range of activities and some interesting objects from his collection of art. Also featured will be photographs of the former Pannónia Hotel, which he owned, in addition to design drawings and models of building projects he initiated and sponsored, including the observation tower on János Hegy.
Champagne Celebration
The Törley Champagne Cellars are 125 years old
2007-12-14 - 2008-03-09
It was 125 years ago that József Törley returned to Hungary from France in order to establish a champagne factory and popularise sparkling wine in his homeland. Held to commemorate this occasion, the exhibit covers everything in connection with Törley champagne from the very beginning up to the present day. Colour advertisements, documents, champagne bottles and glasses, furniture from the Japanese salon at the Törley mansion, tools of the trade, a precisely assembled champagne pyre and enlarged photos all help to recall the former Törley cellars in Budafok. Champagne postcards from a century ago wish us a Happy New Year while enchanting sculptures and the Lucullus Fountain created by Törley’s great-granddaughter, Mária Törley, radiate the spirit of celebration.
Gifts from Artists
Temporary exhibition
2007-12-04 - 2008-01-20
Between the 1st and the 24th of December, windows on the façade of the Gerbeaud House will open to reveal, in the form of Advent Calendar VII, uniquely enlarged versions of works created by various contemporary artists especially for this occasion. The originals for will be on exhibition in the Korridor Hall and a simultaneous exhibit in the Glass Hall will give visitors a taste of works displayed in previous calendars over the last six years.
Danish design
Temporary exhibition
2007-11-05 - 2007-12-02
Open from November 5 to December 2, the design exhibition will aims to give visitors a taste of Danish furniture, decorative objects, clothing and accessories. In keeping with the organisers’ original concept, most of the objects on display will also be available in Hungarian shops.
Tableau exhibit
Temporary exhibition
2007-11-05 - 2007-12-02
Located in the main hall of the museum, this exhibit is designed to acquaint visitors with all of the most interesting and important information there is to know in connection with Denmark.
Lajta Béla memorial exhibition
Temporary exhibition
2007-10-27 - 2008-03-31
The present building of our museum was built 100 years ago. We do celebrate the anniversary with this exhibition that is a selection of Béla Lajta’s most important works.
Our new Study Collection
Permanent exhibition
2007-10-19 - 2009-12-31
…can be visited by guided tours on previous registration. This collection contains the most special and spectacular objects of our stores.
Still-life today
Temporary exhibition
2007-10-19 - 2007-11-18
In addition to the events of the Day of Hungarian Painting, contemporary art exhibition show up in the new room of the museum.
Curator: András Kecskés
Temporary exhibition
2007-10-10 - 2007-10-28
The Studio of Young Artists and Designers (FISE) celebrates its 25th anniversary this year: it was founded in 1982 as the youth hub of the Art Foundation with the aim of helping young designers in launching their professional career and in adapting themselves to the cultural and art sphere, as well as supporting the development of artistic work. The festive exhibition of the Studio's several hundred members is not only the representation of excellent objects, but also the manifestation of the self-definition nursed in a community. Personal performance, the artistic level of a generation and the professional state of the Studio are all presented.
Austrian Typography
Temporary exhibition
2007-10-10 - 2007-10-28
The exhibition is based on a series published by Design Austria. Since the middle of the 1990's it has been reviewing the lettering of Austrian designers. In addition to the experienced typographers, creative, young professionals researching new possibilities and solutions are also introduced. The fonts related to historical and to experimental typography, and the calligraphic, computer or hand-drawn letters represent the period from the '60s till today.
Contemporary Green
Temporary exhibition
2007-10-10 - 2007-10-28
In the past few years several groups bringing along dynamic, fresh ideas while representing definite trends have emerged in Styria of Austria. This regional scene employs designers of grand international significance who work for important firms. The province stresses the importance of supporting studios like White Elefant, Edelweiss, Plusminus or Formreform with consulting and stakeholder management in the framework of its "Design in Grün" initiative.
What is the message…?

2007-08-09 - 2007-09-30
The Biblical grahics of András Simon are exhibited in the Corridor Room of MKVM from 9 August to 30 September, 2007, as the official program of New Evangelization 2007, Budapest.
The joys of our ancestors
Relics of gastronomy on old engravings
2007-05-04 - 2007-06-30
In his book, titled The joys of our ancestors – Relics of gastronomy on old engravings, András Szántó presents the 150 pieces of his own collection, accompanied by several interesting data about the artists (painters, graphic artists and engravers), made complete and spiced by art and cultural history curiosities, as well as information on gastronomy.
Turn of the century hotels on the banks of the Danube at Pest and Buda
temporary exhibition
2007-04-27 - 2007-06-10
IIstván főherceg, Európa, Ritz, Angol királynő, Bristol, Carlton and all the other famous hotels! We are at the Danube-promenade and the Margaret Island, in a metropolis of the Monarchy. Following the unification of the city in 1872, in one of the most spectacularly developing cities of Europe the banks of the Danube gained an increasingly significant role as well.
Easter egg, as a piece of art
Guest exhibition
2007-02-24 - 2007-04-22
These days for most of us the Easter egg is primarily a reminder of our beloved spring religious holiday: Easter. The tradition of painting and decorating eggs, however, dates back earlier than the celebration of Easter.
Variations and changes
2007-02-15 - 2007-05-11
The exhibition introduces us the recent past and the present of the coffee-houses, coffee bars and cafés of Budapest through the photos by Aliona Frankl and Géza Nagy. The visitor may take a glance at the golden ages, the “glorious past”, but also at the coffee bars of the socialist era, to even better appreciate the survivors and the reviving, the new “old” places, the trendy cafes with a Parisian atmosphere, the nooks, the gardens, the “general shops” operating arm in arm with theaters, cinemas and book stores, or the internet-cafés, plaza-cafés, and the American café-chains using paper-cups.
Gatto Nero
2007-02-01 - 2007-05-02
As of February 1, 2007, the pastel pictures by Gatto Nero, alias Rezs? Wittmann, will be on display, created by the artist in 1948, and originally decorating the walls of the Operett coffee-bar.
In memory of Károly Gundel
Temporary exhibition
2006-12-01 - 2007-02-11
A temporary exhibition titled „In memory of Károly Gundel” will be opened for our visitors between December 1, 2006 – February 11, 2007. The exhibition organized commemorating the 50th anniversary of the death of Károly Gundel will introduce the life and work of one of the most outstanding restaurateur.
The Picture Book of the Street
Commercial posters and their contemporary reviews (1885-1945)
2006-09-21 - 2007-02-04
At the first temporary exhibition of the museum, The Picture Book of the Street, a wide variety of commercial posters from between 1885 -1945 will be on display, accompanied by their contemporary reviews. We are also interested in the critical view of our visitors, who will have a chance to design posters on the spot.

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