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Permanent exhibitions
2011-12-06 - 2018-12-31

After nearly ten years, opening our new permanent exhibitions completed the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism again.









Permanent exhibitions


Welcoming guests, being a guest – Permanent exhibition about the history of hospitality in Hungary  

The exhibition presents catering at home and the professional hospitality between the late 19th century and the first half of the 20th century in Hungary, primarily through interiors. Visitors can learn about where and how the one-time citizens spent their free time, where they travelled to and what they ordered to their tables. The exhibition introduces a hotel room, a coffee house and a restaurant, furthermore a confectionery with pastry-workroom and a middle-class family home. Guests can get an insight into the world of clubs, orpheums and baths. You can also find out what hotel boy's and sommelier's tasks were. Moreover you can play with interactive games and you can learn about the stories of the most famous Hungarian dishes and try out their original recipes at home, which made our kitchen world-famous deservedly.


'A good merchant is the benefactor of the world.' – Two centuries of Hungarian trade

After nearly ten years of interval, we have opened a new permanent exhibition on the history of trade. This exhibition presents two centuries of the development and the history of Hungarian trade, including measuring, fairs and markets. Objects representing vocational trade education in the past are on display, and the athmosphere of old shops and shopwindows can also be experienced. Since Jan 21, 2014 the second part of the exhibition has been open: along with others a Stühmer sweets-shop, a stationery and an ironmonger’s are waiting visitors. The exhibition also introduces the colourful world of the department stores – from the Great Parisian Store to the Corvin. It also depicts important organizations and events such as the ’Hangya’ Co-operatives and nationalisation. The exhibition portrays socialist trade including the Közért Company, the State Department Stores and shop windows of the time.


'I have never had home...'Nekem soha nem volt otthonom... – Stages in the life of Gyula Krúdy


The exhibition invites the visitors to rooms where Krúdy spent the last three years of his life and where he died in Óbuda. One of the rooms presents the hotels, both good and bad, the rented rooms and bourgeois homes where Krúdy spent his days from 1896 to 1933. The other room is furnished as a restaurant, something Krúdy loved and visited on a daily basis, and which also inspired many of his novels.


Advertisement Boards

'Good advertisements are aesthetic, and good advertisements are indispensable in society. Advertisements are products of trade, and trade is the result of the ever increasing life standards of humanity.' /Lajos Kassák/

The route to the Study Collection passes through the "Board Way", flanked by old glazed instruments and advertising boards that once promoted tobacco products, drinks, foods and various products of industry.


Study Collection

This collection contains a myriad of rare or no longer used objects from the world of trade and tourism. You can become acquainted with these unique items from the two professions in thematically organised units in seventeen show-cases.

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